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Collaboration with CasWell

DNA Services B.V. enters into partnership with CasWell / FreshERP as a reseller for the solution for fruit and vegetable trade and logistics companies.

CasWell / FreshERP expects to be able to support existing customers even better and acquire new customers with this collaboration. With this CasWell / FreshERP can concentrate even more on the further functional optimization of the FreshERP package.

In short, on this site, we would like to give you a first introduction to what the CasWell FreshERP package can, has and does in the field of automation in the fruit and vegetable sector. After reading, we would like to invite you for a closer acquaintance by contacting us for a more detailed explanation and / or demonstration.

The CasWell IT Group is a unique organization where the software customers also own the software company in the form of a membership of a cooperative association. This form ensures optimal participation and service with matching service in the field of automation and that at very interesting operational costs. The CasWell FreshERP software package can be used for companies from approx. 1 – 5 employees to several hundred employees. The package can be expanded from simple purchase and sales transactions to very extensive and complex import facilities, settlement systems, warehouse management systems, customs functionalities, EDI, quality control, financial package, etc. In short, an automation concept covering all business processes, particularly aimed at the broad fruit and vegetable sector.

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    The modules

    Accounting system

    CasWell FreshERP has a fully integrated financial administration. Central to this is the party administration that works fully integrated with the financial modules. This means you are always assured of current figures.


    Banana module and fruit licenses

    The import of bananas and a number of product types from third countries is subject to provisions of the European Union that prescribe the import quantities. The control of this import is regulated by issuing so-called licenses.


    There is a possibility to place sales orders by means of of an authorization system. In addition to the available credit control option, authorization can be established per seller, this can be on the minimum sale price or change of characteristics.

    Shed Management

    After the sale, the warehouse management is automatically controlled. The warehouse employees have direct insight into the location and location of the bananas. Upon arrival, the system can give advice where the goods should be stored. A barcode can be printed here.


    There are various options for invoicing. Both the recipient and the client can be mentioned on the invoice. Per line, possibly the country of origin. In the case of invoices for deliveries to Germany, these can be increased by 0.8% (entsorgungskosten).

    Contract module

    With this module, the actual deliveries received during a season on the basis of previously concluded contracts, are checked against the conditions set in the purchase contracts. An overview of the current state of affairs can be generated at any time during the course of the contract.


    On the basis of preliminary calculations and results, a notification report for the shipping agent can be made at any time. The contract can specify the intervals at which a withdrawal must be made. Reporting can take place in the currency specified in the contract. Each opt-out can still be edited before it is sent.

    Costing and budgeting

    Rate rules can be linked to carriers, shipping agents and products that are used for the results and calculation of the purchase and sales prices. This takes into account the type of delivery, for example, AF LOODS, CIF, etc. Well-Logistics automatically calculates the prices.

    Registration of by-products

    CasWell FreshERP's administration keeps track of how many secondary products there are Search Results Web results are integrated when importing fruit and vegetables. Secondary products are all by-products that are included in and with the packaging of goods.


    Lots can be sold on consignment. One or more statements can be saved per contract. A settlement is based on the sales statements of the goods of a contract. A statement contains an adjusted overview of the sales, the costs incurred and all goods that have been entered 'empty' and 'at least'.


    A contract is concluded with a shipping agent. There may be several contracts per shipper (creditor). With a contract, a memo field the size of an A is present to note down agreements.


    CasWell FreshERP is based on a fully integrated batch administration system. A lot can be assigned to a contract with a shipping agent or grower. The structure of a party is entirely hierarchical. The batch numbering is a logical sequence of an automatically assigned number. In the header data of a lot the basic data of the lot is recorded.

    Customs module

    General module description The customs module that is described serves to support the information needs of those who take care of the customs clearance that takes place when clearing consignments of goods and the administrative processing necessary for managing customs documents.

    About FreshERP

    General technical information

    CasWell FreshERP is developed in C # dotNet. Using this, it has become possible that users of the Well applications are assured of the latest state of the art. CasWell FreshERP consists of a large number of modules that can be switched on and off. This gives us and you the opportunity to implement optimal cohesion for each organization and user and to tailor the software to the personal wishes of the organization.

    Settings and system management

    CasWell FreshERP can be completely tailored to your organization with parameters and settings. This makes it possible to propagate your own corporate culture to the outside world with a standard package. An extensive rights system gives each user their own screens and access to the system. The management of the operating system takes place entirely from the application. Making backups is also fully automatic.


    CasWell FreshERP has extensive integrated options for communication with external systems such as:

    Internet application stock info, with which a warehouse can show its customers current stocks. The customer can also place his on-demand orders, which are processed directly in Well-Logistics AGF via the EDI portal.

    Internet application order info, with which a warehouse can show its customers or the transporters involved all current on-demand orders. Transporters can also indicate here, at what time and with which car they will load an order.

    Service and support

    CasWell offers users various options for implementation and training. Even after commissioning, you can keep your software up to date with maintenance contracts. 4 or 6 new releases are released per year.

    In these releases, the wishes of you and your colleagues have been realized on the basis of maintenance. CasWell also maintains all legal obligations with regard to customs, CBS declaration and associated tables.

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